From the Croatian coast, through Zagreb, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Ljubljana – the summer street photography trip.

Croatia, the north coast (Novigrad / Istria). Nine photos that capture my feelings. Colorful cities, a lot of tourists, the sea, owners of yachts and thick wallets, streets, fishing boats, charming villages, new houses and old ones – riddled with time and bullets.

Croatia, Zagreb. The city of a thousand faces. Full of nice people, artists, tourists, amateurs of cheap wine that hide in parks, unusual people, extraordinary people and average people. A city with buildings smeared with paint, beautiful tenement houses, narrow streets, cafes and an infinite number of places to visit.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka. The city that has had a bad luck. Occupied by fascists during World War II, destroyed in 1969 by a powerful earthquake and tortured during the war in the 90s. Ugly and captivating city at the same time. Cultural melting pot, where mosques stand next to the churches.

Slovenia, Ljubljana. Here, art lurks around every corner. When you stand in place, it rubs against your legs – like a cat. When you go, it looks at you from windows and gates.